Ghost Train Haze strain is one powerful strain. It is loved by many smokers all over the world because of its ability to produce a long-lasting, high-energy high. It is one of the world’s strongest strains, with an average THC content of about 28%. Ghost Train Haze is a product of hybrids. It is made from crossing Ghost OG strain and Nevil Wreck Sativa. Cannabis historians believe that this strain was bred by Danvers- based Rare Dankness from Ghost OG.

This cannabis strain has won a lot of awards. Ghost Train Haze is the recipient of the 2014 first place High Times Cannabis Cup Us Sativa, and the 2nd place spot for the 2013 High times cannabis cup medical Sativa.  It is also the winner of the High Times Strongest Strains on Earth. It has also been featured on the cover of High Times on the 12th of May 2012 as its visual ambassador.

This strain is available in various phenotypes, such as; the Ghost Train Haze with Gorilla Glue, and Bruce Bannar.


Just like many other strains, Ghost Train Haze comes in a radiant bright green color with brassy orange pistils. One part of its visual appearance that many love so much is in its trichrome coverage. Many smokers don’t trust any variety of the ghost Train Strain that does not come with a thick white blanket of trichromes.

Structure-wise,  it is tall, long, and has the lanky limbs of a traditional Sativa. The only difference is the fact that it is denser. Its buds weigh more than their visual size. In all, Ghost Train Haze is a beauty to behold because of its arrays of colors.

Flavor And Aroma

Ghost Train Haze has an unmistakable aroma and flavor. It has a potent aroma that plunges and takes up every space nearby.  Because of its Sativa content, the strain smells of a lovely citrus , flowers, and a little Haze spice.

The strain has a similar effect on the taste buds when smoked. Once this cannabis hits the tongue, it produces this taste of citrus mixed with undertones of lemon. When inhaled, it gives the user a smooth fruity flavor, lingering in the mouth for a long time even after exhaling. Its flavor is earthy, spicy and will surely remind you of its haze origins.


When taken, Ghost Train Haze helps to activate one’s creativity. Unlike other cannabis strains that place the user in an over-energized state and make one hyperactive, this strain stimulates that creative part of its smoker while maintaining relaxation.  It places its smokers in a state of tranquility, helping the mind explore.

It also produces a deep awareness of oneself when taken in minimal quantities.  For those that experience anxiety, taking Ghost Train Haze can help calm the body and mind. It helps in making one happy. Many consumers experience the pleasure of intense laughter, giggling, and a blissful mood. Generally, this strain helps to take the user out of depression, enhance their creativity, and break down their anxiety.

This strain can potentially have a negative effect on the consumer when taken in excess.  Side effects like dry mouth or red eyes are common. To overcome this, it is advisable to drink water before taking the strain and to stay hydrated.

When abused, the effect can also give you a dry eye. It makes the eyes dry and dim. One can overcome this by moisturizing the eyes with eye drops. Those who ingest too much for their tolerance level can also experience anxiety, paranoia, and dizziness. It is best to know one’s limitations and boundaries when it comes to this strain.

Medical Benefits

Ghost Train Haze has huge medical benefits. It is recommended by doctors in an appropriate dosage for the treatment of depression, ADD/ADHD, chronic stress, chronic fatigue. For these conditions, it is recommended by doctors in a very low dosage. It helps in bringing the consumers out of depression and stimulating the body.

For medical conditions like chronic pain, inflammations, arthritis, headaches, migraines, muscle spasms, cramps, glaucoma, inflammation, and many more, it is recommended by doctors in larger dosages. For medical treatment, you don’t have to smoke it. The strain is edible and can be eaten raw or mixed with food.  Remember to get dosage recommendations from a doctor when it is to be taken medically.


This strain should not be grown by just anybody: it requires good knowledge and prior cultivating experience to do the growing. The strain is better grown outdoors in a dry and hot environment. This explains why it was first grown in California.

It grows at a temperature of about 68 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit. When planted, you need to make sure there’s enough potassium available for your plants throughout the flowering process. This will allow it to grow well and realize its full potential.

Many cannabis farmers prefer to grow this strain indoors. Grow it in a well-ventilated area: when planted indoors, you will need to monitor it closely for humidity levels and mold.

The average flowering period of the strain is around 9 to 10 weeks. Indoor harvest can produce up to 10 ounces per meter square while outdoors gives an average of 14 ounces per meter, with harvest time generally being in October.

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