Friday, July 23, 2021

Blue Dream Cannabis Strain – Blue Dream Review

Blue Dream is a slightly Sativa-dominant strain made by the potent cross between Blueberry and Haze’s popular strains. Blue Dream did not get the dreamy name simply because of its flavor and cerebral invigoration, but because the origin of this strain is believed to be a dream as many believed that the history had been wiped.

The delicious mix of flavors of both blueberry and sugar stays longer on your tongue long after the smoke is long gone. Blue Dream nugs are long and bushy with intense hues, blue and amber hairs with an abundance of milky white trichomes. The strain is the best option for a smoker who wants to socialize, party, or even hang out with friends.


According to research, the Blue Dream strain is said to have several effects on different people, which makes the strain quite versatile and a good option for any type of smoker. Blue dream is usually sold as top strain because of the effects that work for any kind of smoker, making it an excellent option for different reasons.

Although the strain is a hybrid, it still gives that relaxing and calm feeling, making it an excellent option for work as it prepares you for a long day ahead. Simply take a little of this strain at mid-day to boost your energy and re-uplift you. However, Blue Dream is not the best option if you are trying to get some sleep late at night, but if you plan to head out for the night out chill with friends or a party, this strain should be your snack before heading out. Also, patients suffering from anxiety disorders are advised not to take the Blue Dreams as it tends to stir up pre-existing conditions.

Taking this strain makes you fall into a very relaxed state which leaves you feeling cloudy and absolutely calm. At this time, you get this numbing sensation that leaves pain-free and agile for any task. People who suffer from depression, loss of appetite, and severe fatigue can use this super-potent strain as it is a powerful stimulant to the core. It will immediately lift anyone’s mood and get you to become active. This strain is also recommended for people with mild issues of muscle pains resulting from an injury or illness.

Flavor + Aroma

This Blue Dream strain is usually recognized for its exceptional, sweet, and great flavor and aroma. Picking a scent of this strain, you will be welcomed by a delightful and enjoyable fruity flavor as well as joy, especially for those who grew up picking berries.

Apart from these delightful scents, you also get a flavor mix of earthly sandalwood, grape, crisp citrus, and even floral notes. This combination defines a harmonious balance of sweet features from both the mixture of Blueberry and Haze.

The aroma of Blue Dream is usually a hard-hitting and intense one, just in case you are expecting it to smell like the regular old strain you are used to already. However, Blue Dream will not leave any trace of smell after taking it, which is actually a good one because it only means you are getting the most out of the strain.


Most people will think that because the Blue Dream should have a blue color or purple based on the two mixtures that make the strain, however, the weed has nothing that reminds you of blueberries. In other news, Blue Dream has this rich green color with sage-colored buds, orange and yellow pistils, and frosty, wholly coated in THC trichomes. Depending on the subspecies of Blue Dream and the conditions that Blue Dream was cultivated, the water leaves sometimes change to dark green.

Origin of the Strain

According to research, Blue Dream as a hybrid originated from Northern California; most people believe that it first appeared in the seaside community of Santa Cruz and has since made a mane for itself in the strain market. The cross between the Indica Blueberry and the Sativa Haze gave birth to the Blue Dream strain, which is believed that although it won’t get you to the highest, it will provide you with a balance of total body relaxation. There are also different Blue Dream phenotypes that take the Indica look and feel but are still overly dominated by the Haze Sativa features. The Blue Dream effect usually lasts for about two to three hours, with the THC averaging to 17%, making the potency quite overwhelming.

Medical Benefits of the Strain

Apart from the calm feeling one gets after taking Blue Dream, the strain is still an excellent option to assist many medical conditions, symptoms, and even ailments. The strain is usually considered a suitable option to help those with mental disorders like depression, chronic stress, and physical injuries like headaches, severe body fatigue, and lingering pain.

If you are dealing with any mental illness and Blue Dream has been recommended for you, smoking an average amount of this strain would help to some extent. However, consuming the Blue Dream strain will only lead to further stress and paranoia, so knowing your limit and taking just the right amount is best, especially if you wish to achieve an effective result.

Now, when it comes to dealing with severe pain or lingering headaches, then an edible portion of Blue Dream strain would be best. A higher quantity of this strain can lead to body numbing if you are having headaches or pain and can re-energize you if you are dealing with fatigue.

The Growing Process

Although Blue Dream strains will grow on their own and produce in different conditions and climates, still, it is important to pamper your nuggets with the proper growth nutrients and care if you desire to produce a quality strain.

The growing process is quite simple and straightforward; all you have to do is be prepared to feed your crop with the proper nutrients. If you decide to grow indoors, you should be careful when selecting the soil type because you get to achieve a densely packed flavor if you go for less quality soil. When growing indoors, you should ensure you use hydroponics to grow because it will definitely give you the best result of good nuggets.

At first, it might seem as if your planted Blue Dream is not growing as it should, but the moment it hits the flowering stage, you will begin to notice the stretched branches. However, you should ensure that you feed your weed with plenty of nitrogen, magnesium, and any other fertilizers, including a good amount of water, to ensure that your nugs grow healthy. The moment you notice any evidence that shows virus and any health complications, ensure you remove the affected plant from the group quickly.

Final Thoughts

We hope that you found this Blue Dream strain review quite resourceful and informative. This strain is one that we feel confident that you will enjoy once you take your first toke. You can get many medical benefits from this strain, and the growing process is relatively easy; it just needs a bit of commitment and pampering. Finally, you must understand that this strain’s consumption is your sole responsibility, and hence knowing your limit is advised.

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