Blue Dream Strain

Blue Dream is a legendary marijuana strain made from the crossing of its parents, Blueberry and Haze. This strain is so “dreamy” because of the hazy, cerebral high it produces, but there’s also another reason!

Its original lineage and origins have been lost over time, making the birth of this delicious strain seem like nothing more than a distant dream. Users are drawn to Blue Dream for its sweet berry flavor and potent, creative high.


This strain combines the strengths of both of its parents, resulting in an energetic and creative yet calming high. As you first ingest Blue Dream, you’ll begin to feel a burst of mental energy rush over you.

Along with it comes increased motivation and the ability to easily direct one’s focus. This portion of the Blue Dream experience lends itself well to most activities, but especially those that are creative in nature. As the high begins to wind down, you’ll begin to feel the effects of this strain’s indica side.

Falling into a deep state of relaxation, Blue Dream will have you feeling calm, hazy, and comfortably numb. With THC percentages ranging from 18 to 24%, it’s no wonder why so many users continue to adore this strain!

Appearance and Flavor

Blue Dream’s buds are incredibly dense and can grow to be quite large—there are images out there of nugs that fill your entire palm! Each bud is light green in color with orange pistils throughout, with some having blueish purple undertones.

In addition, each nug is covered in milky white trichomes, as if they were coated with sugar. Blue Dream’s flavor profile is described as a mix of sweet berries and fresh herbs. The aroma is really similar and can be expected to fill the room with the smell of blueberries and herbs.

Medical Benefits

Because of its relatively balanced indica and sativa content, Blue Dream is able to treat a wide array of mental and physical ailments. People often pick this strain to help them deal with depression, anxiety, and long-term stress.

As the high settles in, Blue Dream’s waves of relaxing euphoria allow the user to separate themselves from negative thought loops and emotional states. Stress and anxiety seemingly melt away with each toke and are replaced by a hazy and serene state of being.

In addition, Blue Dream can be used to effectively treat chronic pain and inflammation. At the end of the high, especially, this strain will leave the user feeling both mentally and physically numb. The Blue Dream strain can also help lessen nausea, which is helpful for those undergoing treatments such as chemotherapy.


Blue Dream is also a delight for growers! This strain is easy to grow and produces relatively high yields. It’s not too susceptible to disease or pests, but its sweet smell can make it easy for red spider mites to get in if it’s not protected.

It’s mostly grown indoors, but can be successfully grown outdoors too if you’re located in a Mediterranean or subtropical climate. When growing indoors, you can expect your Blue Dream plants to flower within 9 to 10 weeks and produce a yield of 21 meters per square yard. Outdoors, you can expect, similarly, around 21 ounces per plant at harvest time.