Best Methods To Consume Cannabis

In the case of consuming cannabis, there are more choices than you’ve ever had before. This makes it difficult to decide on the “best” method of consumption in particular, as new ways to take in weed have been developed every single day.

Smoking is one of the oldest practices. However, vaporizers are now quite well known. In terms of edibles, you can now take advantage of almost any food that you like with THC, CBD, CBG, or CBN in the mix. Additionally, there are oil sprays, oils, and much, much more.

Let’s begin with the most well-known method to consume marijuana: inhaling.


Smoking (inhalation) is by far the most well-known method of cannabis consumption available on the market. It’s also the most efficient method to introduce the beloved THC into your system. Since cannabinoids get into your body through your lungs, they go straight into your bloodstream.

In addition, because blood flow is at approximately 3-4 miles an hour (yes you read it right between three and four miles) when the THC enters the circulatory system, it just takes a few minutes to get to the brain.

In a study published in the Journal of Chemistry and Biodiversity, the subjects who inhaled cannabis felt its effects in just 15 minutes. This is quicker than any other method mentioned on this list.

While smoking is the most convenient method of getting high however, it’s also one of the most harmful to the lung. If you remove the carboxylate (burn) weed in order to smoke it, you obtain other plants and substances that contain cannabinoids. These chemicals can cause adverse effects for the delicate lung tissue.

When you consider it, smoking weed is like fast food. It’s fast and gets the job completed, but it can slow your jog. What’s the reason to smoke?

As you’ll see below, smoking cannabis allows you to more precisely control and monitor the amount of cannabis you consume. This reduces the chance that you’ll indulge in a frenzied way and end up getting “too high.” Let’s take a look at the different options for smoking.


Joints may be the best-known of the cannabis delivery methods. They’ve even made it into the “mainstream” with stoner classics such as Cheech and Chong’s Up in Smoke, Dazed and Confused, and The Big Lebowski.

Certain smokers (especially in Europe, where smoking cigarettes is more popular), prefer to fill their joints up with a mixture of cannabis and tobacco for an additional heady buzz. Whatever method you choose, just one hit of an e-cigarette will make you feel it immediately.


Blunts are like joints in numerous ways, but they are made with cigar papers, not rolling papers or cigarettes. Also, blunts are usually thicker and have more marijuana than joints, which makes them stronger.

A large portion of cannabis users favor blunts because they’ve been in style for a number of years. People also appreciate the “old style” method of smoking something stronger and easier to hold. When you consider that celebrities like Snoop Lion and Wiz Khalifa are adamant about this type of smoking, it’s easy to see why blunts are rapidly gaining popularity over less robust, smaller joints.

Pipes And Bowls

As compared to joints, pipes and bowls, they are a faster and simpler method to meet Mary Jane. There’s no long, tedious rolling that demands only the fingers of a 10-year-old girl and the shrewdness of a watchmaker in the 1800s. You just need to put in some marijuana and light it up, and you’re set to go.

The process of getting your ganja into pipes or bowls is just as effective as using a joint or blunt, although it may not be as tasty because there’s no paper to help smooth the taste.

In terms of ease and speed, bowls usually require a light for every hit. This can be a great option when you wish to keep a portion of the bowl to use later on, but it can be very annoying for those who are outside in the windy weather. Let’s just say we’d like to see lots of lighter fluid inside your Zippo.

Safety Warning: In times of desperate times, you might look at any remaining resin left in the bowl to get a final opportunity to take a hit. Don’t do it. Consuming the remnants of resin is not advised.

Resin has a significantly smaller THC ratio than buds from which it was derived and most, if all of the THC will be destroyed when we light the resin on fire. Resin also contains greater levels of ash carbon and tar than old marijuana.


Vaporizing is a lot like smoking cannabis, but it requires heating the weed instead of burning it. Therefore, vaporization is an alternative that is healthier, as it can eliminate the discomfort in the throat and lungs that can result from exposure to burning and heat-sensitive organic matter.

There isn’t any scientific evidence that proves that smoking weed can cause harm to your health in comparison to vaping. It is only a matter of deciding that vaporizing is safer.

Vaporizers (also called vapes or vape pens) are available in a variety of sizes and shapes. The most famous of them all is the Volcano Hybrid, which has existed since the time that weed was legalized across every US state. The high cost of the volcano and its massive size have made it beyond the reach of even the most dedicated cannabis enthusiasts.

Because miniaturization has improved and the cost of this technology has gone down, smaller pen devices are quickly replacing bongs and joints. These days, there are vapes that are portable and handheld, which can easily fit in your pocket. It’s not more convenient than that.

Another benefit to vaporizers is that they can be used in conjunction with oils that contain up to 80 percent THC (compared to 5–55% in flowers). The numbers suggest that using vaporizers to vaporize oils will have a more powerful effect on the body.