As Alabama gears up for medical marijuana legalization, weed business owners are ready to start growing their weed business. A recent study shows that the cannabis industry is a growing business. People consider marijuana as a medicine that should be legalized for treating certain diseases. Cannabis is a drug that is used for relaxation and to get high. BONUS

In a move that surprised many, Alabama’s Governor recently announced his support for medical cannabis legalization. Though the move is not a complete surprise because the Governor has previously expressed his willingness to consider legalizing medical marijuana, it is still very surprising because Alabama has some of the harshest cannabis laws in the country. Previously, in possession of even small amounts of cannabis could result in a misdemeanor or felony charge.

Since legalizing marijuana for medical use in 2016, the state of Alabama has been working on establishing its medical marijuana program. Now, with the 2018 elections in full swing, the state is adding even more ballot measures to that list. One of these is a constitutional amendment that would allow Alabama residents with certain qualifying conditions to use medical marijuana with a doctor’s recommendation.. Read more about how to get medical marijuana’s in alabama and let us know what you think. Louis O’Neill May 17 2 min read

Alabama could be the 37th. US state legalizes medical cannabis Senate Bill 46 awaits governor’s signature.

After the bill to legalize medical marijuana, known as Senate Bill (SB) 46, was passed by the Alabama House and Senate last week, it now awaits Governor Kay Ivey’s approval to become law. If Governor Ivey signs the bill, Alabama will become the 37th state to do so. State in the United States that legalizes the use of medical cannabis to treat a range of conditions. The bill provides for 16 medical conditions for which a patient can receive a medical marijuana card, including Crohn’s disease, epilepsy, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder and treatment-resistant chronic pain. The bill also states that the only forms of cannabis that will become legal if passed are non-smokable products, such as edibles, oils, patches, pills and other forms that are taken orally. If passed, the bill would establish the Alabama Medical Cannabis Commission to regulate the industry and issue licenses to dispensaries, and 15 percent of medical cannabis tax revenue would be used for cannabis research. It is not known whether Governor Ivey will veto or sign the bill, as she has only said she looks forward to studying it. However, if Governor Ivey signs the bill, medicinal cannabis will immediately become legal in Alabama and Alabama citizens will have access to an additional form of the drug to treat their illnesses. A survey by the University of Alabama at Birmingham found that of the 450 doctors surveyed, nearly 70 percent agreed with legalizing the use of medical cannabis on a doctor’s recommendation. Moreover, surveys show that fewer than one in ten Americans believe that all forms of cannabis should be banned, indicating growing public acceptance of the plant for medicinal and recreational purposes.The Alabama legislature just passed a bill that would legalize the use of medical marijuana in the state. The bill—which was passed in the Senate by a vote of 24-6—will now move to the desk of Governor Kay Ivey. She has not yet stated whether she will sign the bill or not. If she does sign the bill, the state of Alabama will become the 32nd state in the US to legalize medical marijuana use.. Read more about how to get a medical marijuanas card in alabama and let us know what you think.

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