Say Goodbye To Earth With The Adios Blend (Delta Extrax)

Oftentimes, I find myself going back and forth between one of two strains, but Delta Extrax has come up with the perfect solution to this eternal stoner dilemma! I was super hyped when I found out about Adios Duos: who wouldn’t want to dual wield their carts? With a powerful blend of THCa and Delta 9P, these carts are certainly a bang for their buck! If you keep reading, you might even find yourself a discount code…

What Is The Adios Blend? 

The Adios Blend is a signature formula created by combining Delta 9P with THCa. If you haven’t heard of Delta 9P, be not afraid. It’s one of the newest cannabinoids on the scene and it’s an estimated 35 times stronger than Delta-9 THC by itself! This compound hasn’t been around enough for there to be much clinical research on it, but it’s rumored to have long-lasting and powerful effects. 

The other half of this beautiful formula is composed of THCa, which is the precursor compound to THC. As THCa is heated to a certain temperature (ex: when it is being vaped), it turns into regular ‘ol THC! As you can probably understand now, the Adios Blend hits different. Because of their potency, flavor profiles, and the fact that they’re 2 gram carts, this has to be one of my favorite products from Delta Extrax. And I’ve tried quite a few.  

Berry Pie X Apple Fritter

Of the two options, I had to say this is the one that called out to me the most. I’ve always been a big fan of both of these strains! First up, I thought that both of these carts were delicious. The Apple Fritter was fairly accurate in terms of flavor, and had a nice sweet, cinnamon-like flavor. The Berry Pie was also delicious: I thought it tasted like fruity bubblegum! 

Both of these carts hit really smoothly, but still provided a solid throat hit, which I really appreciate in cartridges. And with 2 whole grams of distillate? I really can’t express how much I loved these. The Adios Blend did not disappoint: these carts produced a surprisingly strong, euphoric high. I felt like I was suspended in the air after hitting both these carts, then gradually settled into the body high and fell asleep. All around, it was a magical experience. 

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Grape Kush X Tangie Banana 

Next up is the Grape Kush and Tangie Banana pack! I know I said I was more excited about the first blend, but truth be told, I couldn’t wait to get these out of the packaging either. I’m personally a big fan of indica-heavy strains, so I knew I was gonna enjoy these. The Grape Kush had a mild, herbal, and fruity flavor: wasn’t overpowering-ly grape, but I still found it super enjoyable. 

The Tangie Banana felt really true to the name with its strong citrusy notes and sharp, herbal flavor profile. On its own, the Tangie Banana produced a cerebral, energizing high that left me clear headed and feeling a bit euphoric. The Grape Kush, on the other hand, produced a stronger body high and made me feel a bit more relaxed, although still euphoric. 

Together, these 2 carts really shined and produced a perfectly balanced and incredibly potent high. I would definitely recommend switching between the carts while you’re seshing: there’s a reason they paired these strains together! Overall, I would have to say this is a super solid pairing. I genuinely can’t decide which package was my favorite. 

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Indulge In The 2 Gram Carts

Just do it. The Adios Duos are truly epic and I genuinely don’t have a single complaint for this product. From the flavor, potency, size, and aesthetics, I’m a huge fan of everything about them – including the stoned fruits on the packaging. Delta Extrax has been a staple in the Delta-8 THC realm since 2020, and they’ve now expanded their domain.