9 Best Ways To Conceal Your Cannabis

In a perfect world, everyone would be able to enjoy cannabis in a free manner and keep it in any place they’d like. But unfortunately, weed can be very stigmatized and even considered a crime to possess.

Many cannabis users have family members or roommates who are against weed, making it essential to conceal their stash. A great cannabis storage area is unassuming, and it should not just conceal your marijuana but also its scent.

Create a scent-proof storage for your items

You can keep your cannabis stash odor-free in a variety of ways. To ensure the highest quality, storing your cannabis in the right conditions is essential.

You can try one of these methods to cover the smell of your marijuana stash prior to concealing it:

  • Wrap it in foil or cling wrap tightly
  • Put it in multiple zip-lock bags
  • Airtight stash jars (Mason jars)

If you’re looking to get even more creative, we have even more suggestions below. 

1. Highlighter

It’s easy to take a highlighter and hollow it out, and it’s an ideal spot to store around 1 gram of cannabis. The lighter highlighters are easier to access.

To make use of a highlighter, you need to first remove the cap from its top. Then, you can remove the marker, place the weed bag inside the chamber that is empty, and then close the top cover.

2. Outside the house

If you are still living with your parents or have a landlord who is anti-drug, keeping your stash in the open isn’t the best option. You could consider burying it in an object, putting it in the garage, or even in your tool storage shed. On the outside, you have lots of options. Just keep in mind which rock you placed it under!

3. Deodorant stick

It’s easy to hollow out the deodorant stick. Start by rolling your stick upwards and then taking it away, leaving an empty receptacle in which you can place the cannabis bag in a sealed container. The space is usually enough to hold a few grams.

4. Smell Proof Backpack

A smell proof backpack is a designed to suppress or eliminate the odor within. It is typically the most effective means of locking in the smell of various smoking accessories such as vaporizers, papers, glass and more. 

5. Baked products

Take a look at going on a bakeaholic spree and making some tasty desserts in the event that you’ve got the entire house all to yourself for a day or two. It is best to be on your own during baking because it will cause a lot of odor in the kitchen. From a distance, food items will appear to be normal baked goods and smell normal.

It is crucial to ensure that there is no chance that anyone eats the delicious treats and mistakenly thinks they are ordinary baked goods. It’s occurred before, so be sure they’re properly hidden. It is also an ideal idea to notify your parents or housemates that they belong to you and are to be kept away.

6. Older electronic devices

Everybody has a few old electronic devices lying around the house, and luckily for you, the majority of them can be disassembled using a couple of screws. Battery packs can be a great storage space for a gram of cannabis, however, if you require more space for pipes or bongs, choose an open-back speaker that has plenty of room.

Do you have an old laptop computer that hasn’t been working for a while? The best option is to take off the backplate, place the machine with cannabis inside, and then re-screw some screws, leaving the rest. The cannabis will remain hidden while allowing the user easy access. Don’t do this on an operating computer, as it can cause damage or even fire hazards.

7. Clothes in the closet

Place your weed bag, or small airtight container inside an unworn pair of trousers. It is unlikely that anyone will go into your clothes’ pockets. The only problem that could be a problem is if you family members decide that you wash your clothes inside the bag you’re storing it.

8. Your hair

This method is perfect for those who smoke cannabis and have thick, long hair or dreadlocks. Place your stash in the shape of a bun and place it on top of your head, to keep it from being seen. The baggie will stay in place for all the time you’ll need it if you pin it to the wall.

No one will be able to tell that you’ve got cannabis on your hair, making it the perfect method to cover it. This technique is most effective with marijuana that is bagged.

9. Coffee can

The distinctive scent of coffee masks the cannabis aroma, and the softness of coffee makes it easy to cover the baggie at the lower part of the container. To keep it from being a target Keep the container of coffee visible.

10. A pet food bag

The smell that comes from food for pets is pungent and disgusting. Make sure that your cannabis is wrapped properly as nobody would want to smoke cannabis that tastes and smells similar to pet food. If you’re the only person feeding the pet in the family the pet, placing your carefully wrapped stash at the bottom of your pet’s food bag will ensure nobody else can find the stash.