6 new weed products you should try from Houseplant, G Pen, and more

With so many great cannabis brands coming out with new products in new markets, it can be hard to keep up with all the releases. That is why we have bundled a number of important publications together. This week we look at editions of Houseplant, Greenthumb x G Pen, VIBES, Select, High Life Fars and Platinum Vapes.

Space factory

When Seth Rogen announced that Houseplant, his cannabis brand that he has been producing for almost a decade, would finally be coming to California, it was a big moment. His announcement was trending on Twitter, traffic to the site dropped, and Rogen went on the media. The world’s friendliest stoner is finally going to produce weed.

And it’s available to order now (but at the time of writing it was out of stock). The Houseplant team presents two sativa varieties: Diable Wind and Pancake Ice, and Indica, Pink Moon. The location is also attractive. Not only can you order a flower and accessories, but you can also watch videos of Seth Rogen making an ashtray, rolling a joint and explaining the importance of portion control.

Available: California

Greenamb x GPen Cooperation

The collaboration between Dr Gritumba and GPen was announced earlier this month. The latest of B-Real’s many cannabis-related projects is a collection of GPen co-branded devices, including Roam, Pen Dash, G Pen Connect and Stündenglass Gravity Hookah.

We’ve looked at some GPen technologies in the past, and the addition of B-Real into the mix makes these devices even cooler. We asked B-Real how he hopes the Weedmaps audience will receive this collaboration, and he said: I hope they like it, as I always do. Everything I do is for my fans or my clients. Sure, I like these things too, but I want them to be known.

Available: USA.

VIBES : Organic hand and cone roller paper Collection

Another release from the rapper in the weed game. This one is from Berner, and instead of the new weed technology, it keeps the old rolled up papers from school. Bern-based rolling papers brand VIBES has announced a collection of papers and sleeves made from organic hemp. Made from 100% organic hemp fibers and a natural sealer (acacia arabica gum, according to the press release).

Berner has long been a major figure in the cannabis industry with Cookies, one of the biggest cannabis brands, known as the source of some of the most popular strains on the planet. We asked Berner how he hopes the Weedmaps audience will welcome the new line: I think they will naturally fall for it and appreciate it. The community is smaller than you think, I know the crowd well. They are the culture, the VIBES – now, and they get it.

Available: USA.

Select: Fresh

One of the most famous brands of grape vapes, Select, has announced a new line of fruity vapes called Select Fresh. The new pairs have the look and convenience of disposables, but are refillable and environmentally friendly, according to the press release. These pairs are easy to use with GO Select’s automatic pickup equipment, which means you only need a breath of fresh air to get started. It is available in the following scents:

Available: Arizona, Connecticut, Maine, Maryland, Nevada and Oklahoma. California, Colorado, Florida and Massachusetts in the second week of April.


High Life Farms: Cookies and Peppermint Cream Royal Chocolate Bar

To get in the mood for St. Patrick’s Day, High Life Farms has launched a royal chocolate bar with cookies and peppermint cream. Made with white chocolate, mint and cream cookies and 100 milligrams of THC per bar (20 pieces, 5 milligrams of THC each).

Available: Michigan


Platinum strips: Synthetic resin components with adhesive

Platinum Vapes has announced a new line of Gummy Coins. These gummi bears are filled with highly concentrated THC, 10 milligrams per stick. They come in three flavors: Hybrid Melon, Indica Forbidden Pushers, and Sativa Diesel Black Berry.

Available: California, Michigan, Oklahoma, Arizona and Nevada.

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