Although the purchase of cannabis is legalized from state to state these days, there are still countries in the world where you have to turn to the traditional market to meet your medical needs. This makes you an easy target for dealers who take the opportunity to sell fake or low-quality weed to customers.

If you’re not an expert, and therefore not an expert at buying weed, these dealers will probably rip you off. To avoid this, you need to know what you are looking for and distinguish between low quality marijuana and high quality marijuana.

Problem: You can’t tell from the flowers how much THC they contain; that determines the potential strength of the material you’re evaluating.

With licensed and registered sellers, it is easy to recognize good quality: The numbers are on the labels. These types of weeds are often called top shelf weeds because they are literally on the top shelf of the store. That way, when you buy it at the pharmacy, you will know which one to choose.

In other cases, however, you will have to rely on your instinct and knowledge. Here are six factors you should consider to find the best quality grass.


The grass should be bright green with an orange, red or purple tint. As long as the colors of the buds are bright, the grass is good. But if it’s only one color, like dull green or brown, it means it has mold in it.

It’s easy to think that the turf you buy is perfect, but we live in a less than ideal world, and turf is prone to pests that die in or leave eggs behind. Needless to say, you are throwing away supplies, rather than saving them.


It is recommended to smoke marijuana because it has a strong smell; marijuana has a specific musk that experienced users are familiar with. An excellent strong aroma means that the herb bud is fresh, ready to use and contains a large amount of terpenes.

Old, unfresh tops are either odorless or unpleasant, like grass or hay. This is probably the easiest way to know which herb you’re reading, since you can’t always ask to hold it in your hand or examine it with a magnifying glass. Weed buds can be stored for about a year without exposure to heat or light, if properly cared for.


While this is the best way to determine if your marijuana is legal, it can be a little difficult to decipher. The best type of grass should have a perfect balance between dry and sticky. If it is quite dry, it means that it will quickly turn to dust. And if it’s quite damp, that means it’s susceptible to mold and something is already growing.

A perfectly dried marijuana bud is somewhere in between: not too sticky, not too wet and not too dry. Similarly, a dry bud will be light and airy to hold, while a sticky bud will be denser.

Seeds and stems

The most important thing to look at is the number of seeds and stems in the bud. If your cache is full of seeds, it will catch fire if you try to light it. The sticks, on the other hand, are useless and take up space in the number of grams you bought, which means you got less herb than you paid for.

The stems are easier to remove than the seeds. If you try to remove the seeds by destroying them, your entire stock will also be destroyed.


While a cut bud does not necessarily mean that the herb is of good quality, it does show that the person who grew or sold the herb took care of their product.

Try not to buy marijuana that has leaves around it, or if the bud appears to be mutilated. This means that the button was trimmed with a machine and not a manual trimmer. Buds that have been shortened with the device may lose their trichomes, which are the main part of the buds.


You may need to bring the button closer to your eye or use a magnifying glass to follow this instruction. Every good herb has mushroom-shaped crystals. This is an ideal form of the herb, as the trichomes are essential to the taste and smell of the herb when smoked.

If the crystals are amber, it means the grass buds were not harvested properly and should be avoided at all costs. The trichome is important for a good quality embryo. A smaller quantity means that this bud was grown in a place where there are many black market sellers.

Although it is not directly related to fetal examination, it is crucial. Choose a provider recommended by an experienced user, especially if you are doing this for the first time. There are many scams and thefts, so try to be as careful as possible.

It seems hard to find the perfect weed, but some sellers offer the best content, especially registered and legitimate sellers, as opposed to sellers on the black market.

Don’t put your health at risk by saving money and buying inferior grass. This can cause serious throat problems, and it is better to spend more and buy something useful.

Some of the tricks might be a little hard to fathom during a deal, since most deals are done behind closed doors, like crystal gazing or tasting, but make the most of it.

Moreover, there are many different types of tree trunks on the market. What works for you may not work for your family and friends. Some types are difficult, others are easy, so try to find the right one before investing in a large stock.

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