When it comes to the history of marijuana use, MzJill is certainly one of the pioneers who helped create this thriving legal industry. As the owner of MzJill Genetics and co-founder of the famous TGA Genetics, she has been breeding some of our most popular cannabis strains for over 25 years. Jill has been around since she hid plants in the bushes and was forced to keep quiet about helping medical patients, and she’s still around in the age of big cannabis companies and the cultural changes they’re undergoing.

Twenty-five years ago everything was done with a handshake, we were more present for each other. It wasn’t so obvious, there was an unspoken word of loyalty. As we enter the legal market, I see an influx of people who are not necessarily related to the plant or the patient. But I am grateful that medicine has become more accessible to patients, says the seed legend.

Jillie Bean’s mother is an alumna of the OverGrow.com forum days. You’re probably more familiar with TGA Genetics and its partnership with Late Subcool (TGA Subcool Seeds/TGA Genetics/The Dank). The first real plant she grew was Cinderella 99 BX (backcross), and she and Sub have blessed the world with famous strains like Agent Orange, Space Queen and Whirlwind.

Agent Orange was one of the first things Sub and I did together. I used his Jack the Ripper and my orange velvet note. It was named after my father. He was a Vietnam veteran and eventually got cancer from the chemical Orange. I called the Agent Orange indictment a tribute to my father and all Vietnam veterans.

Today, in the modern era, MzJill continues to market its legendary product through MzJillGenetics. They are available on his website, as well as on sites like Seeds Here Now and Seeder’s Direct Seed Co. It offers a range of Jilly Bean hybrids and also brings all of its original TGA varieties under the original logo. Querkle, The Flav and Jilly Bean are already out. Then there is Agent Orange, several F2’s and a whole bunch of Agent Orange hybrids.

Mz Jill’s favorite herb

A former grower and cultivator, MzJill is a daily user and long-time medical cannabis patient. I have scoliosis, so this really helps with my back and hip pain. I’ve had multiple children, I have [Ehlers-Danlos syndrome]. Jilly Bean is most amazing in helping women with PMS symptoms. Most of the pain related to the female organs has helped well.

Here are five weeds legendary grower MzJill can’t live without.

Your bong

It’s a bong on everything with Mz Jill. He might smoke a pipe or roll a joint, but the bong is 100% his favorite delivery system.

About her daily drinking habits, she told Widma: I’d say I smoke between an eighth and a quarter a day. I like to smoke a couple of pipe breaks before I go to the gym, it gives me a better workout. Sometimes, when my morning starts off a little rough, I feel like I need a petting before I start the day to get me in the right mood.

Organic Cannabis (Dog Walker, Triangle Cush, Jilly Bean)

Jill smokes mostly flowers. An organic flower, to be exact. Because she doesn’t want to be biased against her own tribes, she said: One of my favorite [types] is Dog Walker. I love this funk. A very special smell and taste. And I would say the Triangle Kush is one of my favorites. And, as mentioned earlier, she loves her Jilly Bean.

  • The dog walker is a cross between Albert Walker OG and Chemdawg 91.
  • Triangle Kush is a Florida born Kush obtained by crossing an Emerald Triangle female with a Hindu Kush. This is one of the first varieties of Kush.
  • Jilly Bean is a cross between an Orange Velvet cutting and male Space Queen pollen. It has a sweet smell and taste.

I love my paper and sander so I can roll J when I’m not around.

MzJill uses her own brand liquid MzJill Logo. The package contains 32 papers and stools.

Thematic creamy creamy creamy creamy

Besides the flower, there are many current topics that MzJill enjoys. She certainly likes to mow down on the Kush Creams Tops.

cuddle lotion

One of MzJill’s favorite products is Embrace lotion from Colorado-based Eureka Effects. She swears by their catalog. They actually have a full range of CBD. They are based in Colorado. They have sprays, lotions, dyes, all kinds of products. They also have one for pets, and they have CBD, which I found very good for my dog. The electricity is getting old, and he has some problems together. CBD helps him rest better.

Photo by Chris Ryan. See David Lozada Charts/Maps

Dante Jordan

Dante Jordan is a freelance writer, video producer and media consultant specializing in cannabis culture, varieties, products, education and all things related to this green lily flower. Contact him at dantenetworks(at)gmail(dotcom), or dante_jordan on Instagram. His website is www.dantejordan.com.

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