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With so many great cannabis brands coming out with new products in new markets, it can be hard to keep up with all the releases. That is why we have bundled a number of important publications together. This week we look at the releases of PAX Era Life, Raw Garden, GKUA Ultra Premium, and the opening of the STIIIZY bonus store.

Fax: Age of life

You’ve already heard of the highly innovative and discreet Pax Era Pro (pictured above), but there’s a new product from the popular vape brand that’s just as original and more high-tech: Epoch Life. For $35, the Era Life offers longer lasting capsules and better battery life than its counterpart, even though it’s 10mm smaller. Bonus: This spray is available in brighter colours than the Pro, so you can choose a shade that suits your personality and taste.

Available: USA.

Raw Garden: Falling prices

Good news for people on a budget: Raw Garden lowers the prices of all its products. Starting April 1, the price change – a $4 to $5 reduction, depending on the product – will be permanent. Raw Garden Cannabis is certified pure green and when the prices go down, the quality of their resin, cartridges and everything else is always the same.

Why the decline? Darren Clark, CEO of Raw Garden, shared: We’ve learned to work more efficiently as a vertically integrated company, which allows us to pass those savings on to our customers.

Available: California

GCUA Ultra-Premium: begins in Oklahoma

GKUA Ultra Premium was launched in Oklahoma on March 23, making it the fourth state where consumers can find the brand’s exclusive products. Oklahomans can now enjoy flower, vapes and concentrates from Lil Wayne’s high-potency cannabis line, thanks in part to Kind Okie.

Available: California, Colorado, Michigan and Oklahoma.

STIIIZY : New flagship store opens in San Bernardino, CA

STIIIZY takes place on Saturday the 3rd. April, to open his flagship store in San Bernardino. To celebrate the event, street artist Defer will be on hand to unveil the giant mural, and shoppers can expect plenty of unique promotions throughout the day:

  • The first 25 customers in line will get access to a special meet and greet with DoggFace208, Boo Johnson, Doknowsworld, QuennnCyn, Angela Mazzanti.
  • The first 25 customers in line will also receive a flash tattoo from local artist Poncho.
  • Local food trucks will be present, including Flamin Hot Chicken and Danny’s Donuts.

Premiums and trades will also be on the agenda:

  • 50% discount on Prerolls LIIIT
  • Five original STIIIZY 1G capsules for $150.
  • Five original 0.5G STIIIZY capsules for $75.
  • 20% discount on STIIIZY batteries
  • 20% BIIT edible products
  • 5G for $160 of compounded living resin extracts
  • 20% discount on honey leaf patterns
  • 7G for $80 from LIIIT flower

Available: California

One of the features of the sculpture is the PAX.

Hannah Meadows

Hannah is a Seattle-based writer and editor. She has been working in the cannabis industry for three years now and continues to learn and research.

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